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Client-Vision was founded to provide Enterprises with softwares that make the improvement of their organisation challenging, engaging and easy. Every manager has the innate desire to improve the enterprise processes. Client-Vision strives to strengthen this creative force by producing or distributing quality products that immediatly improve the organisation efficiency and productivity.

Our approach in selling a solution consists in evaluating our customers needs, proposing the appropriated solution, and implementing it. We believe a good solution takes place through interaction this our customers. We provide consulting, training, support and additionnal developments to our customers wishing to get the best possible experience with our products.We carefully choose our products in Europe or USA. Quality and Innovation.. These are the core values that represent Client-Vision as a brand and as a company.

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Client-vision consulting services and solutions address critical business needs of large and small enterprises. These solutions provide instant, real-time, easy to use scheduling of people, events, services and assets. We provide dedicated services and reliable products which result in more productivity, reduced operational costs, and overall increased efficiency.

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There is a recent trend among companies, universities and other facilities around the world to implement a green initiative not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because it's good business. By "going green" organizations are not only reducing costs and improving their image among constituents, they are also helping to conserve our natural resources. However, many organizations don't have the capital to undertake major environmental projects. Fortunately, there are other, less expensive ways to move the green agenda forward, such as making better use of your resources through smarter scheduling of shared resources and assets.